Sleeping Angel Work in Progress

Digital Painting | I Project | Pencil & Lineart by : meixiang | Digital Painting by : Putra Adi

Tools of Trade :
Mac Pro, HANVON Graphic Tablet ArtMaster III, Adobe Photoshop CS5

here is my project digital painting|experimental painting, im just doing the painting work, i paint over my partner lineart, so here it is Sleeping Angel Work in Progress< i hope you guys enjoys watching the process as much as i do

Step 1 :
Preparing the Pencil/Lineart

Step 2 :
The next step is blocking the pencils with the main colors..

Step 3 :
I started to paint some rough painting over the blocking color and add some background composition..

Step 4 :
I paint the wings and the chlotes.. she wants the costume to looks transparent.. so i guess the “silk” style chlotes will suites her idea..