Proses pembuatan patung Illidan – World of Warcraft..!! eduuann

Siapa yang gak kenal Illidan..???
kalo belum tahu silahkan kenalan dulu…. nih yang namannya illidan.. :) kondang banget nih di WOW

ini cuplikan kata sang pembuat statue..

8 weeks ago I was hired by Blizzard entertainment for the second time to make a display mannequin for their booth at the E3 videogame convention at the Los Angeles convention center. The character is called “Illidan” from their game, World of Warcraft.

Many of you may have heard of this game. There are about 6 million subscribers world-wide that paid to purchase the game and then pay an additional a month to play it online. That’s a lot of clams per month. Needless to say, this company is making bank!

I was sent a painting of the creature as a guide and went to work. The specs I was given is as follows:

overall height: 9′ to the tip of horns.

Wingspan: 16′

base: 3′x7′

glowing eyes, handpunched hair, costume and glowin the dark tatoos.

langsung aja kita pelototin prosesnya yang super inspiratiffff

kerabat kerja :

“Illidan” Designed by Blizzard Entertainment from the game “World of Warcraft”

Creature created by Steve Wang

creature crew:


Steve Wang
Tully Summers
Casey Love
Russ Lukich
Anthony Pina

Moldshop supervisor:

Johnnie Saiko Espiritu

Mold Maker:

Brian Goehring

Mechanical/light FX dept:

Guy Himber
Terry Sandin

Lab techs/fabrication/seaming dept

Andy Chavez
Ricky Luevano
Darnell Isom
Alex Sanchez
Roberto Molina
Heather O’Boyle
Ken Rizzo


Diana Yoo


Vanessa Mi Kyung Lee

Costume aging:

Nick Carpenter

Painting dept:

Steve Wang
Casey Love
Ricky Luevano
Darnell Isom
Andy Chavez

Base created by:

Mike McGee & staff of
Alex in Wonderland

Armature: Mike McGee, Patrick Chitty and Tony Grow

Light Fixtures: Mike McGee, Patrick Chitty and Tony Grow

Sculpture: Ross Tallent and Mike McGee

Painted and weathered by: Ross Tallent and Mike McGee

Special Thanks to:

Nick Carpenter &
Blizzard Entertainment
Denise Lopez (D-LO)
Elisha Cabrera
Patrick Tatopoulos
Mike Elizalde
Brian Walsh
Allison Klein
Julia Rollo
Anshuman Prassad
Jeff Colbert & staff of MPFX