Mayumi Haryoto, illustrator LOCALKONTENT!!!!!

dulu beberapa kali denger nama ini kirain salah satu pemeran drama jepun.. dan karena kebetulan gw penggemar ryoko hirosue, gak pake lama gw langsung coba search nih sapa sih orang kok misteriusssss :)

dan wussss… langsung terpana pada salah satu interviewnya di sini

sebelum baca interviewnya coba disimak beberapa artworknya yang gw colong dari webnya..

dan masih bnayakkk lagiiii yang pasti karyanya maknyussssss bangettttt

simak interviewnya dalam bahasa enggris…

Jakarta based illustrator, which already gain a lot of achievement and awards, including best cover design for album, and several more acknowledgment from several media, which lead her into top ranked illustrator in Indonesia.

And it such an honor to us, to have a brief interview with yours trully Mayumi Haryoto.

How do you begin your career as illustrator?
I just quit my job. Was working in a game developer, advertising agencies then work here and there in film production houses, also in records label. In the end, I just wanna grab my pencil and draw. I didn’t know if I could make illustration as a career, so it was a gambling back then. But there are always upsides and downsides in every profession you choose, so why not choose the one you most passionate about? To make it short, I didn’t think about it. I just did it. Even if I get hurt so many times, stuck in so many downsides of it, I keep coming back doing what I do. I guess, it’s like an addiction. Never been so dedicated before in my life. I just know I was meant to do this. There’s no turning back.

How to keep your creativity works?
I think I try to keep myself open to almost anything. I mean, even a boring mundane everyday life can be an inspiration. So keep observing, collecting every details I like everyday. It doesn’t have to be an object, it can be a sound or even just be a split second of a moment.

Favorite media?
Pencil and graphite.

What’s your favorite object?

Do you have any tips to keep the mood flowing?
Make sure you always get a good laid. Ha! Honestly, no. I don’t have any tips. I guess, as I get older I just know how to switch my mood easier.

Your future plan?
I consider myself more of a doer than a planner. So I don’t really like to share my plans unless it almost near launch. So, just wait and see. :)

How to reach you?
Just say a prayer. Five times a day or every Sunday. However you like.

dan beberapa image hasil googlingan… nemu disini